LCP’s mission is to provide effective transportation solutions that enhance the quality of life for the communities we serve, through innovative, practical and efficient services.

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At LCP Transportation LLC, we offer a full range of non-emergency transportation services. Whether you, your loved ones, your patients or your students need a ride, we’ve got you covered. Our team of Transportation Concierge Service Representatives treats every member with respect and has extensive qualifications to transport and serve unique populations. Many of our TCSRs have thousands of trips worth of experience, and we equip them with a full fleet of safe vehicles to meet any non-emergency transportation need. We keep wait times minimal, arrive on time and get to and from destinations in a timely fashion — all while ensuring the total safety of every passenger. 

24 Hour Dispatch Services

Also, LCP utilizes its own drivers for some after an hour and long-distance trips in rural areas where 24-hour service may not be available.

A Network Of Transportation Vendors

LCP coordinates with other transportation providers statewide to provide regular local trips to members in more rural sparsely populated areas and urgent care trips in the urban areas.

Professional Scripted Call Center Services

Organization and clearly defined procedures have been developed and implemented. LCP provides one central location to serve as a statewide call center.

Non-Emergency Transportation Brokering

LCP better organizes transportation in urban areas for patients who cannot be expected to use the public transit system, e.g., dialysis patients, and pregnant women and children.

Proprietary Scheduling & Dispatch Software

LCP utilizes a proprietary information technology transportation system based on a relational database that will provide our utilization management staff with the necessary reporting capabilities to track and react to usage patterns.


Quality Assurance Tracking

The task of assuring appropriate, safe, professional, and timely transportation for a network of clients is one requiring aggressive and detailed planning.