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We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

A Promising Career Option

Thank you for considering a future with LCP Transportation. As an employer, we offer excellent benefits and embrace diversity and inclusion.  We are always looking for creative and innovative people to join our team.  At LCP we foster a family environment, with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

LCP Employee Benefits Include:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Benefit Allowance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee Health & Wellness Programs

Our Location

4310 Guion Rd. Indianapolis Indiana, 46254
Office: 317-291-9318
Fax: 317 291-9446
Toll free: 800-508-7230

Employee Testimonials

“I’ve worked for LCP Transportation for 12 years, and I love everything about the company. I currently hold the position as dispatcher. Although this position is not for everyone, I enjoy working in this area. LCP has helped me to overcome many obstacles, including the loss of my mother and daughter; I appreciate all the generosity from my co-workers and management. LCP offers many different opportunities to grow, and I have taken advantage of all the opportunities presented to me. I look forward to continuing to grow with the company and will continue to recommend LCP to my friends and family.”

Bertha Smith

“LCP makes coming to work enjoyable. A few things that stand out in this company: the great Christian atmosphere, all the hardworking people who are passionate in helping others and the way a family owned business operates. I have been offered different positions in the company as a dispatcher, quality control and Spanish interpreter. I also appreciate the fact that LCP treats you as a person and not a number. I would highly recommend LCP Transportation to friends, family and to those that are in need of transportation.”

Daniel A. Mechuta

“I have worked for LCP Transportation for four years. I work as a scheduler. LCP is good because we help people that do not have transportation. This company helps people like me get to and from their medical appointments. I enjoy the experience at LCP. Mr. Ron and Ms. Joan are very nice. I also work as a dispatcher for Burmese calls. I would definitely tell my community about LCP.”

Pahum Mang