Call Center 

The task of assuring appropriate, safe, professional, and timely transportation for a network of clients is one requiring aggressive and detailed planning. Organization and clearly defined procedures have been developed and implemented. LCP provides one central location to serve as a statewide call center. This simplifies the process for the members. This central call center can verify member eligibility and determine the most efficient, yet cost effective, means of providing transportation.

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Transportation Team

To properly service the needs or our clients and members, LCP Transportation has established a network of qualified, licensed, and insured transportation providers offering several levels of services. We are continually in search of new vendors and focus on building long lasting partnerships as a diverse and inclusive team to strengthen our programs success.

LCP Transportation operates under the philosophy thatencourages and fosters individual rights and equal opportunity for all and maintains an environment of social and business responsibility that responds to the needs of our employees, customers, vendors, members applicants, contractors, and subcontractors.

How to become part of our network:

1.) Scanned copy of your IHCP Enrollment letter with visible Medicaid Provider ID #. 

2.) Transportation Authority  Certificate/Certificate of Convenience & Necessity, or Taxi License (if applicable).

3.) Copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance with the following attestation: “LCP Transportation, LLC is named as an additional insured. Thirty (30) day notice of cancellation will be given for any reason including non-payment of premiums.”¬†

Interested in becoming a part of the transportation team for LCP?

 Vendor Onboarding FAQs:

How do I become a NEMT Provider with LCP?

See our ‚ÄúHow to become part of our network‚ÄĚ section or contact¬†[email protected]. You can also fill out our contact us form below to send us your information.

What documents do I need to become a vendor?

IHCP enrollment letter, proof of liability insurance, driver credentials and reports including: motor vehicle report, copy of drivers license, current 10-panel drug screen, and national criminal background check report.

How to contact LCP for scheduling a ride?

Call 317-291-9318; toll free: 800-508-7230